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The photographer was sure that he was going to see the end of his huskies when the polar bear materialized out of the blue, as it were:

Obviously, it was a well fed bear …


The polar bear returned every night that week to play with the dogs.


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Name: Timoshi Huang

American Literature/ Composition 2006

Of Mice and Men Project #5


Frantic and angry voices could be heard from the barn where Curley’s wife died there. Gunshots were heard, too. It was one late noon at the green pool of Salinas River. Water snakes quietly slithered in the green pool. The sun slowly shifted to the Galiban Mountains from the deep valleys. Near the pool, Lennie hid in the brush and his heart rate increased. He knew that he had to hide in the brush if he got in trouble again and George would come back for him. Lennie still have Carlson’s Luger gun.

“I di’n’t forget, George. I di’n’t forget to hide in the brush.  An’ I gunna wait fer George”, Lennie whispered, “Buh George gunna hate me forever an’ he never gonna be with me an’ I might jus’ as well go away an’ find a cave to live in an’ not have me botherin’ George!” Lennie cried softly and he thought about the good memories that he had with George when they first came to Salinas Valley. He thought about the furry red, blue, and green rabbits like the ones they saw in the fair in Sacramento. He also thought about the big vegetable patch and a rabbit hutch and chickens that George and he would have as they are done working in the Salinas Valley. He sobbed again until a fat old woman named Aunt Clara, showed up in his head. Then there popped a huge pink rabbit with bulgy eyes, and Curley’s wife. Lennie got scared of seeing Curley’s wife, but all of them talked to him at once.

Aunt Clara came to him and scolded him. She said, “I tol’ you, you do bad things when you stick around with a nice fella like George an’ George has to take care of you an’ he been doing good things to you! Shame on you, Lennie, you don’t never take no care of yourself well. You ain’t being a nice fella tuh George, an’ you coulda had ruin his life. Just fin’ yourself a cave an’ better leave George alone!”

Lennie answered, “Yes, ma’am! I’ll fin’ me a cave an’ go away an’ leave George an’ not have me botherin’ George! I’m sorry, ma’am, I tried! I tried an’ George ain’t gonna let me have rabbits ‘cause he never gonna be with me!”

Then a huge pink rabbit shoved Aunt Clara away and yelled, “You ain’t gonna have me ‘cause you don’t never take no care of me like you did to George. You never gonna have rabbits like me. I ain’t like what you did to the baby pup at the barn. You’d forget ‘em likee me like feeding an’ takin’ care of me. I hate you.” Lennie cried again and he knew it would happen like he did to George.

Lennie answered weakly, “I’m sorry, Mr. Pink Rabbit. I woulda’nt do dat again. I never gonna deserve a rabbit like you. I’m gonna live in a cave outside of Salinas Valley an’ be a good man an’ stay away from ever’ one an’ George an’ the rabbits!”

Then Curley’s wife pushed the pink rabbit away and yelled, “I died ‘cause of you. But I forgiv’ you, you tried. Hurry, Lennie, ever’ one gonna beat hell outa you an’ they don’t want you. Run away, Lennie, run away. Fin’ a cave before George an’ the men fin’ you.” Then the voice of Curley’s wife was gone. George was just behind Lennie in the brush and told Lennie to be quiet.

George said quietly, “Lennie, I heard everything. You ain’t a bad fella. Run, Lennie, run. I care ‘bout you an’ I woulda beat hell outa you for that, but stay away from Salinas Valley. Forget about the dreams we made. We woulda meet someday, Lennie, someday.” He patted Lennie’s back and hugged him. Lennie stopped crying and smiled.

Lennie answered, “I tried, George, I tried. I never wanna hurt Curley’s wife. I tried. George, I woulda take a good care of you an’ I hope we woulda meet someday.” George nodded and he told Lennie to get going because the voices of the men got closer. Lennie gave back to George the gun and left. George took the gun and tried shooting for a few times. He went back and he told the men that he killed Lennie and his body was under the deep green pool. 

George told the men, “Got him, an’ I shot him back in the head an’ the lungs ‘cause I got the gun from him. Lennie took Carlson’s gun, that’s why. An’ he fell in the pool an’ drowned probably.” The men cheered, except for Curley and Carlson.

Slim said, “ Come on, George. Me an’ you’ll go for a drink an’ celebrate.”

Curley said, “Thanks, George an’ it means a lot to my wife. ”

Carlson also said, “Thanks, George for finding my gun, it was a treasure to me.”

The men and George lived happy after ever, and so did Lennie.


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Cast: Im Soo Jung, Moon Geun Young, Yeom Jung Ah and Kim Gap Su


You want to forget something, totally wipe it from your mind… but you can’t. It follows you around like a ghost."

In a stark white hospital room, a doctor speaks to one of his patients – a young girl whose hair obscures her face. She is questioned about a seemingly violent incident that happened to her and her family. She replies only with silence. The doctor continues to probe her with questions…

In another time frame, a car travels down a provincial road on its way to an old, yet well-taken care of house. A man steps out of the car, the father of two girls. And here we meet the two sisters of our story – Bae Su-mi (played exquisitely by Im Soo Jung), the elder sister, and Bae Su-yeon, the younger (Moon Geun Young), come home to live after a stay at a hospital to “get well". Once the girls arrive, evil stepmother Eun-joo (Yeom Jung-ah, last seen in Tell Me Something) is all sweet and accommodating and motherly, much to the chagrin of the girls. Clearly, there’s no family love felt here.

At dinner, tension and rivalry are rampant… and so is insanity. The turn of events is not a happy one: in fact, the girls’ father, Bae Moo-hyeon (Kim Kap-su) has to give two pills to Eun-joo after the meal. Later that night, strange things start happening in the house. Su-yeon experiences creaking floorboards, doors opening by themselves, hands appearing out of nowhere… this all prompts her to crawl into her big sister’s bed. Su-mi investigates, and finds her father asleep on the couch instead of in bed with Eun-joo. Su-mi fixes his blanket, only to be interrupted by Eun-joo, and the conversation turns into a massive argument between the two. Dejected, Su-mi goes back to bed and tells Su-yeon it was simply their wicked stepmom playing tricks on her.

That morning, after a disturbing dream, Su-mi wakes up to a sun-drenched room, ready to face the day. Only she discovers she’s not truly awake, but is in fact still dreaming, and this nightmare is a lot scarier than the previous one…

She wakes up for real this time, and finds blood on her fingers. She sees that Su-yeon has started her period, and goes over to the master bathroom to retrieve some towels. Eun-joo sees her there and asks what she’s up to. Su-mi tells her that her sister has begun her period, to which Eun-joo scoffs and tells Su-mi it’s a spooky coincidence that she, too, has started her period only that morning. Su-mi decides that’s too much information and rushes off, only to stop and realize that she has also started her period at the same time.

That afternoon, Su-mi decides to do some reminiscing and rummages through some of her late mother’s old stuff. Here, she finds shoes, purses, and a bunch of pictures that bring a smile to her face. However, the smile quickly fades as she sees the inclusion of Eun-joo in some of the photos. She angrily tosses them back into the box just as Su-yeon walks in. The sisters share memories and stories about their dead mother amidst all her old belongings, until Su-mi notices marks on Su-yeon’s arms. She asks her about them, forcing her to admit that it was their stepmom who did it. Su-yeon, afraid as she seems of her stepmom’s wrath, admits to nothing.

Su-mi wanders down to the dining room where Eun-joo is having tea and confronts her about the marks, which she admits to giving Su-yeon as a punishment. A row breaks out, which the father upstairs overhears. Coming down, he sees Su-mi alone, in tears, yet seething still. Su-mi refuses to tell him what’s been happening, cutting him out of the events taking place around him.

That night, Sun-kyu, brother to Eun-joo’s husband arrives with his wife. However, during dinner, it becomes apparent that it’s not just Su-mi who’s experiencing strange paranormal events while in the house – before things take a very swift turn for the worse…

However….the truth of all these confusion storyline is only being revealed at the ending of the story. It is also the climax of the story where all fogs are cleared from our mind. Only by then, we know that all the ordeal that Su-mi been going through in the house are all in her mind. She had imagined it all….her sister, Su-yeon had in fact had died….and she believe that it was all her fault.

When Su-mi finally realised that it was her mind that had played tricks on her, we were brought to some of her memories….memories that she wished she could erased from her head…

We were back to the time where Su-yeon and their mother is still alive. Su-mi as usual argued with Eun-joo as she thought it was all her fault that causes her mother to be so depressed. In short, Eun-joo’s existence is synonym to their family’s wreckage. After a heated argument with Eun-Joo, Su-mi left to her room and Su-yeon to hers. Su-yeon is definitely affected by this and cried quitely on the bed. Then, suddenly the closet creaks a little and it was opened a little as if there’s something inside in the closet. Su-yeon got up and investigates. To her horror, she found her mum hung herself in the closet and had swallowed a bottle of pills. She tried to pull her lifeless mother out of the closet while crying for her… but to no avail…instead the closet just fell on top of Su-Yeon, trapping her mother’s body and herself in it.

Meanwhile, both Su-mi and her stepmother heard of the loud thump on the floor….Eun-joo got up first to investigate and shocked to find Su-yeon trapped underneath it. Su-yeon begged for her to help but Eun-joo walk out of the door instead. However, her conscious woke her and she decided to go back to help Su-yeon. On her way, she bump into Su-mi who was annoyed to see her on the second floor and argued again with her and told her off. “You have no right to come upstairs….." Eun-joo who is angry with her told Su-mi that she will regret it later. Su-mi ignored her and walk out of the house….Su-yeon who couldn’t hold much longer being trapped underneath the closet whispered to her last breath for her sister to come to help her….. and in the background Su-mi’s voice saying,"Don’t be scared. I’ll always be there for you to protect you forever…"

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