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Elsa Huang

Happy Birthday, my doggie! ❤elsa_2004.jpg 03241996 – 05012006img_0408.jpg This montage pays honor to Golden Retrievers who lost their battles to cancer. Learn more about becoming Cancer AWARE at http://cancer.landofpuregold.com   

The music is by Livingston Taylor, a Golden lover from way back who you can learn about at http://landofpuregold.com/famous6.htm


Here are the words to a most fitting song for this tribute:


I believe in actual

In the clear concise and the factual

All of life has reason

And it should be clear to see

But when the crowds all drift away

And we are apart for one more day

In the most peculiar places

You’re where you should not be


There you are again

In the rustling leaves of a summer storm

In my favorite chair all safe and warm

In a wish that a child believes


There you are again

When light returns to the morning sky

When two lovers cannot say good-bye

When a movie makes me cry

When the perfect story ends

There you are again


Will I ever get over the feel of your touch

The sound of your voice the scent of your hair

Your quiet reminder to not be afraid

When you promised to find me somewhere


There you are again

Till I forget to close the door

And the heartache’s in and I’m damned I’m sure

To each day miss you more

When I think I can’t endure

There’s a whisper in the wind

There you are again



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