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A Moment to Remember (2005) is a very touching and interesting. Story evolves around Su-jin (Son Ye-jin, 1982) and Chul-soo (Jung Woo Sung, 1973). Su-jin is a designer, a forgetful one as well. She meets Chul-soo in a convenient store and love blossoms between them soon after. However, throughout the movie you’ll get the message that something is not right about Su-jin. Yeap, it turns out that she’s suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. Her memory slowly fades away. Chul-soo tries his best to help her but life has to move on.

“Do not always feel happy about your life. Life can be cruel and unpredictable".It’s definitely unbearable to lose a loved one in the helpless fight against such disease *eating your memory away*. There’s nothing much can be done but to continue to support them and help them to stay strong. After watching this movie, I really cannot imagine how will I live life on if this “eraser" exists in my brain. Not remembering your family, your friends and even yourself. Well, if it happens, I think I would have forgotten about this issue after all. So, no point worry now. T_T Just cherish the people around you because you’ll never know when is the last time you will be seeing them, in this movie, remembering them.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Woman: Did you find it out?
Man: What?
Woman: That I have an eraser in my head. Let’s part ways.
Man: What?
Woman: You’re right, one can’t be happy forever
Man: What were you talking about?
Woman: It’s all over. Think about it. What’s love good for if my memory is gone? Don’t be nice to me. I’ll forget everything.

Man: I’ll remember everything for you. You know I’m smart. I passed the architect test on the first try.
Woman: You’re too confident. Life can be very cruel.
Man: You didn’t forget that.
Woman: How could I? You’re mean.
Man: Don’t worry. There’ll be a cure.
Woman: You crybaby! Have you lost your parents? Or your country? I’ll just leave. Please let me go okay? 

Man: Why are you crying? I said I’d remember everything for you! You know what? If you forget everything, I’ll pop up out of nowhere. Like this.
Woman: You’re going to grow a goatee again? Don’t bother. Let’s forget everything while we’re happy. I’ll forget everything soon. I won’t know why you’re with me. You’ll be gone out of my head. And so will I. You understand that? As my memory disappears my soul will disappear too. I’m scared..
Man: Why would your soul disappear? Leave it to me. I’m your memory. I’m your heart. Got that? No more tears!

“….i wish i had an eraser in my head..i wish that eraser can delete the bitter memories that i have..deleting people whom i do not know and i wish i dun want to know..deleting memories that cause my eyes wet..deleting things that hurt me but not to everybody else…disappearing without hurting anybody else..disappearing and letting everybody else do what ever they want to do..disappearing and letting people live happily..sth that i grip would disappear by time..and i won’t feel upset when people leave me..bcoz i am around but people aren’t around in my mind..like they do..what does it feel to say “who are you?"….."


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