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Reuters’s latest article (即時新聞), “Melamine use ‘rampant’ in China agriculture, feed business” indicated regarding to Sun Erwu, the owner of the feed mill in Hebei province has been questioned over the entire food chain in China due to milk powder scandal. As a result, Sun was fined 30,000 Yuan (US$4,400) where the suppliers add melamine into all these supplements to defraud government quality tests in order to boost the protein content in those meals. It contaminated foods are more than just milk.


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It’s a rape from government! 


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Wall-E XDD

Wall-E… beh tong nia, waving hand, shaking hand… and keep on staring at Eva’s hand wuakakaka…

Damn cute lar that wall-E XD Eva also, especially when she laughing, her eye turn like arc shape haha!! Oh yah! Almost forgot the cleaning machine also damn cute! “Foreign Container"! Hahah~

Very touching when Wall-E take care of “hibernated" Eva, and also when Eva try to rescue Wall-E… and to the captain who so eager to come back to Earth.


Wall-EEEEEEEEEEE ~~ ^^ Eeee….Vaaaaaaaa…. ^_^


BTW.. i thought  Eva would lose Wall-E because she changed her board memory but it wasn’t =____=;;

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