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Ever wondered how much it would cost to build a working, life-sized Gundam robot? At least $725 million for the parts and materials, according to an estimate published on the SciencePortal website run by the Japan Science and Technology Agency. The price tag for this giant humanoid, which would stand 18 meters (60 feet) tall and weigh 43.4 metric tons (nearly 100,000 lbs), does not include the cost of labor (this is where an extensive pool of robot slave labor comes in handy), nor does it include the cost of the infrastructure needed to support the machine once you are ready to climb aboard and take it for a walk. 

Estimated cost of Gundam parts:


Cost Table
Note that unlike in the anime, the Gundam described here would merely be able to walk — it would not have the ability to fly or have any fancy weaponry. Also, instead of Gundanium, the robot would be covered in aluminum alloy plating. 


An IBM Blue Gene supercomputer would serve as the Gundam’s computer system ($1.5 million sounds like a steal), and its movements would be driven by 30 giant 400KW motors — 12 in the legs, 2 in the torso, 14 in the arms, and 2 in the neck. A 400KW motor is quite powerful — by comparison, the Shinkansen bullet train uses a 300KW motor. The motors alone would cost $7.8 million, but to power them would require the equivalent of 7 Apache helicopter engines (the helicopters cost an estimated $52 million each). 

While $700 million is a lot of money (more than the GDP of Liberia, Grenada and a dozen or so other nations), it does not seem like so much when you compare it to the cost of other large-scale machinery. Military tanks costs around $4 to $7 million each, commercial passenger planes cost around $200 to $300 million, rockets can cost around $100 million to launch, expensive fighter jets can cost billions, and aircraft carriers cost about $5 billion.

A robot of this size and stature would face a number of physical challenges, such as the inability to walk without completely destroying the ground surface beneath its feet. When humans walk, we exert about 1.5 times our body weight of pressure on the ground (and on our feet) with each step. This poses a huge problem for a 43-ton humanoid, which would probably need to have very wide feet (to distribute the pressure over a larger area) and walk very very slowly. Dinosaurs found a way to get around, though, so giant robots probably can, too.


Beavis & Butthead Crossover
But perhaps the greatest challenge of all would be to find the funding for an enormous walking machine with no apparent practical or military application. With no money, this Gundam will forever remain just a dream. 



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George Bush Shoe Attack


Former President Bush may have implied that the war was over, but that’s just not the case last Sunday Dec. 14, 2008, when he had a news conference with Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in Baghdad.

If you look at the photo, you can see former President Bush on a podium dodging, not bullets, but a size 10 shoe from one of his fans may be. The man actually threw two shoes at Bush, and but I guess George W. Bush  still got his reflexes going.


Iraq Bush


The shoes was said to be owned by Muntadar al-Zeidi, a correspondent for Al-Baghdadia television (Islamic Journalist), an “Iraqi-owned” station based in Cairo, Egypt. And he by the way shouted: “This is a farewell kiss, you dog!” … in Arabic. 

Well is the war really over?

“The war is not over…. it is decisively on it’s way to being won.” Bush said.

Although reports of his punishment are as follows, “Al-Zaidi is in a difficult conditions, with broken ribs and signs of torture on his thighs. Also he can not move his right arm."

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On videotape, Clark and Lois are offering their congratulations to the wedding couple. Lois is later waiting with Jimmy at the altar at the Kent barn as Clark brings Chloe in. They’re pronounced husband and wife and kiss. They’re introduced to the audience, and start cutting the cake. There’s a rumbling noise and something bursts into the barn. Everyone panics and Jimmy is seen lying on the ground as the attacker approaches her. He picks her up and takes her away.

Eight hours earlier

Lois is organizing everyone into preparing the barn for the wedding. Jimmy isn’t nervous, saying he’s picked the right person so he has no reason to be nervous. He suggests she go to the wedding with Clark, but Lois doesn’t believe Clark is interested. Jimmy insists he is and heads back to the Talon where he walks in on Chloe as she’s changing. He’s worried that it’s bad luck but Chloe assures him everything will be fine. As he goes to get his bow tie, Chloe gets a voice mail from Davis, saying he needs her to call him back. She deletes the message.

Oliver arrives at the farm to tell Clark that he’s determined that Lex is alive but he’s unable to track the e-mail trail to Tess without getting hold of the router. He needs Clark to grab the router and figure there’s an e-mail coming today. Clark insists that he can’t do it on Chloe’s wedding. Oliver wonders if that’s the real reason and Clark explains that he had Jor-El leave out Chloe’s memories of Clark’s powers. Oliver warns that Lex will make his move and he’s more dangerous than ever since he knows Clark’s secret.

Back at his plane, Oliver looks at a photo of his parents when Clark arrives with the router. Clark notices the photo and wonders if Oliver is out for revenge. Oliver insists he isn’t taking it out on Lex and Clark refuses to let Oliver kill. Oliver says he’s trying to help Clark but Clark doesn’t believe it. Oliver asks for the router but Clark keeps it, saying Oliver can wait until he’s back from the wedding. Once Clark goes, a man emerges from the best and says he downloaded the information via wifi while Clark and Oliver were talking.

Chloe is in Clark’s loft when Lois comes up. She thanks Lois for her efforts and then her cellphone rings. Lois wonders what’s wrong and Chloe explains that Davis has been calling her all day and that he warned that he wasn’t going to let Chloe marry Jimmy. Lois wonders how Chloe can be so sure she has the right one and Chloe assures her she’ll find the right man sometime. Chloe looks for something borrowed for her wedding and finds a lead box with kryptonite. She opens it as Clark comes up and he starts to collapse. He suggests she put it away and she closes the lid, and he offers her the corsage from their freshman homecoming dance. She and Lois are impressed he’s kept it all these years.

In Alquizar, Cuba, Green Arrow breaks into a seemingly-abandoned factory and finds a man at the window. He shoots the figure in the head with an arrow and approaches, only to find it’s a mannequin. There’s a note on it saying “Sorry I missed you." Someone attacks him and then recognizes him as Oliver Queen. The figure steps out of the light: it’s Lana Lang. She knows that computer info was running through the factory two hours ago. Oliver wonders who the note was left for and Lana admits she doesn’t believe Lex is still alive. Oliver tells her that Lex knows Clark’s secret and she wonders if he needs to be more like Clark. She asks how Clark is doing and he suggests she come with him to the wedding to find out. Lana says it’s too complicated but he notes Chloe is her best friend. When she balks, Oliver asks what Clark would do.

Lois finds Clark in his tux and is momentary taken aback. She helps him with cuff links and they’re both briefly uncomfortable with their proximity. She gives him what he needs for the wedding and he reads the vows. She momentarily thinks he’s talking about her but quickly covers. The photographer arrives to capture their best wishes for the couple. 

Davis is in his ambulance trying to call Chloe, saying he’s done something horrible. He’s covered in blood and disposes of several garbage bags in a nearby dumpster. He turns around to find a policeman seeing if anything’s wrong. The officer notices the blood and Davis tries to leave. The policeman looks in the dumpster and draws back in horror, then draws his gun. Davis says he blacked out and looks at his hand, then tells the policeman he needs to go. Davis falls back and bone spurs grow out of his hand as his eyes glow red. The policeman fires several shots and then Davis attacks him.

The wedding is proceeding as planned and Clark dances with Chloe. Clark talks about her being his best friend but she realizes he’s talking as if something has changed. He covers and she admits that she’s recently felt as if a great weight has been removed from her recently and she can move on. Jimmy cuts in and Clark notices Lois off to the side. As a slow song strikes up, Clark offers to dance with her and she gives in. Things are awkward at first but slowly they move in to kiss… and Lana arrives. Clark draws back and he and Lois both look at her.

Lois goes to the farmhouse with a bottle of champagne and Oliver comes over and offers her someone to talk to. She talks about how she doesn’t know what all her feelings mean feel and he wonders who the lucky guy is. She’s uncomfortable talking with her ex and he offers to just be a really good friend. Lois admits that her feelings snuck up on her and the guy she’s interested in doesn’t need her. Oliver easily figures it’s Clark and says that he does need her.

Lana gets a text message asking if the archer believed her. Clark comes over to say that Chloe’s glad Lana came but he could have used some warning. Lana admits she wasn’t considering coming back but read about Clark’s activities in Metropolis and is glad he’s become what he’s destined to be. She admits leaving was the hardest decision she ever made but she’s glad she did it. Lana talks about how she used to imagine having a wedding there and he explains that he had Jor-El erase Chloe’s memories of the real him. He wonders if that would have made a difference with he and Lana. She says she never would have forgiven him for taking he memories of him and she’s happy with where she is now. Lana admits that maybe the two of them were never intended to be together, and they look down as Chloe and Jimmy cut their wedding cake.

As Clark goes downstairs, a huge figure covers in bone spurs bursts in. Lana is injured and the crowd panics. Clark throws a punch at it but it casually catches his fist and throws him into the loft, knocking over the kryptonite from its lead box. The figure advances on Chloe and Jimmy, and Jimmy tries to stop it. The attacker rips open his chest with one blow and Chloe begs Jimmy to hold on. The figure bends over her and says her name and Chloe screams.

Lana gets upstairs and puts away the kryptonite just as Oliver comes in to tell them the intruder took Chloe and escaped.

Clark goes to the hospital where the wedding party is being tended to. He finds Lana and explains that Oliver is trying to track the creature down. Lois sees them together and walks away before they notice her. Lana tells Clark that he doesn’t need to stay and Clark goes to find Chloe. As he goes, Clark sees Lois outside and asks how she’s doing. She informs him that Jimmy is in critical condition and he’s being taken to Star City to a top surgeon. Lois is going with him and she wonders why terrible things keep happening to them. Clark hugs her and promises that they’ll get Chloe back. Lois wonders what happens if they can’t. Clark doesn’t have an answer and Lois leaves.

The creature takes Chloe to the Fortress in the Arctic, a Fortress now possessed by Brainiac’s essence. It sets her down and Chloe look sup at it… and smiles as she remembers her wedding.


In a darkened room, Lex Luthor, attached to tubes and wires, watches the video of the wedding.


Tom Welling (Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton)
Allison Mack (Chloe Sullivan)
Erica Durance (Lois Lane)
Aaron Ashmore (Jimmy Olsen)
Sam Witwer (Davis Bloome/Doomsday)
Justin Hartley (Oliver Queen/Green Arrow)

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