Spring 2007 – 145 lbs. Summer 2007 – 120 lbs. Fall 2007 – 125 lbs. Winter 2008 – 134 lbs. Spring 2008 – 132 lbs. Summer 2008 – 138 lbs. Fall 2008 – Winter 2009 – 135 lbs. Spring 2009 – 125 lbs. Summer 2009 –


There has been an announcement that in August, for one month, the Gundam’s right arm will be used for the 2016 Olympic bid logo.

Credit to Punynari (Moe Passion)









This is working, they say that they are going to tear it down, but in actuality there is a top secret organization that will recruit pilots to use the gundam as an Ultimate weapon. They just say that they are going to tear it down so they won’t scare the citizens of Japan.


Robert Downey Jr (pictured) resume his role as billionaire industrialist Tony Stark and his alter-ego Iron Man 😛


Final Project  III 

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The first one is definitely the scene where Zhuge Liang諸葛亮 trick Cao Cao曹操 into practically giving them 100,000 arrows with a fleet of about 20 small boats covered with hay and straw, as well as mounted with scarecrows. Cao Cao’s navy, led by Cai Mao and Zhang Yun, noticed the incoming enemy fleet and decided to engage the enemy but they did not dare to venture further into the battleground for fear of falling into an ambush, as there was a thick fog over the river. Cao Cao’s army fired arrows at Zhuge Liang’s fleet but the arrows were stuck in the hay and straw so Cao Cao’s navy lost more than a hundred thousand arrows to the enemy in that single “battle". So clever.

The other one is the “bomb-making" scene, where Zhou Yu’s “assistant" Gan Xing inspected the bomb making session and was unsastified with the impact the bomb produced. He repeated requested for a bigger flame until it reaches: kaBOOM!