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BSG: Caprica


A few nights ago, Baba and I watched the Battlestar Galactica movie Caprica; a chronicle of the creation of human-consciousness possessing robots. Not mere artificial-intelligence – actual human consciousness that was downloaded into robot bodies. This idea of a non-human non-living being possessing actual consciousness forms the backbone of Battlestar Galactica, the ensuing conflict being: if you have human consciousness without human mortality, what becomes the relative value of humanity as a collection of living, dying human beings?



The story is thought provoking, but still, as a sci-fi TV show set on another planet in a distant future, the morality is rather predictable and it’s often the stilted dialogue that requires the greatest suspension of disbelief. In the BSG universe, mortality is found to be fundamental to what it means to be truly human and the “cylon” copies are a threat to a linear, progressive future. Caprica goes back fifty years before the start of BSG to detail the ideas behind the initial creation of the cylons.

Caprica details a society torn apart by religious conflict between the polytheistic majority and an emerging group of monotheists, including a terrorist organization which resorts to suicide bombing to “cleanse” the infidels and show them “the way.”  

Opinion: I’m a little concerned that Zoe the Cylon could come across rather hokey. Having the girly voice come from the huge robot was … a little weird. How can her friend possibly save her while she’s in that state? It’s simply fascinating to think that all of what made Zoe Zoe is inside a robotic body. The question of the existence of a soul must come into play at some point.





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