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VACANCY (Ending theme to Bones studio original animation Xam’d: Lost Memories) 

Born in 1994, Kylee is one of the brightest up-and-coming pop stars.

Showcasing her talent in singing from an early age, Kylee won an audition and performed the national anthem for the opening of NBA game to a sanding ovation at the age of 11.  The performance caught the attention of music industry insiders and she was soon signed to DefStar Records/Sony Music Japan.

In 2008 an exceptional opportunity came when VACANCY was chosen as the ending theme to “Xam’d: Lost Memories”,an original animation from Bones studio.  “Xam’d…” is the first original program available on the Playstation Network’s video delivery service for Playstation 3 and PlayStation Portable (PSP) and is now available in the U.S.

Since the release of the animation, the ending theme footage posted on You Tube has received many thousands of hits from people trying to get the first glimpse of this talented singer.  As fans all over the world are hungry for more, Kylee is preparing for her much-anticipated album debut slated for early 2009.




The ED theme song “Vacancy" by Kylee 

The song is kind of sad but it has this great energy. I really enjoy it. I also love the spoken words at the end, “bear with me". It feels so intense! XDD

No one wants to wake up to an empty home
No one ever wants to be alone
It’s not so easy to let them go
The ones that you love

Now that you’re gone, who will make me smile?
Who will pick me up when I fall down?
Who will be there to tell me right from wrong?
I regret letting you go

I have this vacancy in my heart
There’s just something that’s always tearing me apart
I don’t know why I ever let you go
Now, there is no one to bear with me

Everyday I wake up thinking it’ll be okay
‘Cause you promised me that, you’d come back some day
My heart is throbbing but I will wait
And I’ll try… to stay strong

And I will always miss you
But I can’t take it anymore
What if your that on they said
that passed away, oh no

I have this vacancy in my heart
There’s just something that’s always tearing me apart
I don’t know why I ever let you go
Now, there’s no one to bear with me

And I miss you and love you and I will hold on
And I know there’s a chance that you will come back, oh ooh
And I dream of the day that you’d come back home
And I hope that you know

I have this vacancy in my heart
There’s just something that’s always tearing me apart
I don’t know why I ever let you go
Now, there’s no one to bear with me

I have this vacancy in my heart
There’s just something that’s always tearing me apart
I don’t know why I ever let you go
Now, there’s no one to bear with me

Bear with me


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Barack Obama and his family will move into the White House on January 20, 2009

A moving van is parked outside the White House XDD

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Interest Compounded Daily vs. Interest Compounded Monthly:
My Money Blog.

Short answer: No, not really, unless you are talking amounts over six figures.

I’ve seen so many people get hung up on this, I think it deserves a post. The easiest way to explain it is with an example. Let’s say ‘DaBank’ compounds interest daily on their accounts, and ‘MoBank’ compounds interest monthly. Let’s say you have a $10,000, 1-Year CD with both of them at the same 5% APR interest rate, and compare how much interest you have at the end of the year. Both credit interest monthly.

Since MoBank compounds monthly, you are getting 5%/12 = .4166% every month. So, at the end of the first month, you will have 10,000 x 1.004166 = $10041.67. During the second month, you will be earning .4166% on $10041.67, not just $10,000. So at the end of the 2nd month you’ll have $10083.51, not $10083.34. This goes on for twelve months:

$10,000 x (1 + .05/12)12 = $10511.62.

Since DaBank compounds daily, you are getting 5%/365 = .0137% every day. So, at the end of the first day, you will have 10,000 x 1.000137 = $10001.37. Using the same basic formula as above for 365 days:

$10,000 x (1 + .05/365)365 = $10,512.67.

So over the course of a year you’ve only earned $1.05 more by compounding daily versus compounding monthly!

The easy way to not even worry about this is to just compare APY instead of APR.

If you compare APYs, or annual percentage yield, the compounding effect is already taken into account, whether it be daily, monthly, or every 6.374 seconds.

In our example above, MoBank would advertise a 5.12% APY and DaBank could advertise a 5.13% APY, with the same 5% APR. I hope that clears things up for some!

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Written by Sungball

Fact of life: Women correlate remembering things to caring about them.

If you happen to be a guy, you know that at any given moment in time, any slip up when it comes to answering a girl’s questions on what their favorite color is… what their favorite flower is… or what color panties they were wearing that one random day you had sex (because she was wearing a special color that day and expects you to remember, you forgetful jerk!) is going to result in the girl thinking you don’t care.

For example, I was at dinner the other night with my older sister, and whenever she brought up a family story about a time when we had done this or that, I had trouble remembering the details of the event. With each passing story, my sister grew ever more frustrated and finally blurted out, “Ugh! You never remember anything! You don’t care about this family!"

If I was smart, I could have avoided a headache’s worth of trouble by diverting the situation in an intelligent way, but no… I fully engaged her, and we got into a fight in a public restaurant.

If you’re a guy, chances are you’re going to be put on the spot by a girl sometime in your life, and if you don’t remember, she’s going to get annoyed. So, to help you, I thought of some ways to win the battle against women and remembering things in some classic situations:

Girl: What is my favorite color?
Say angrily: I don’t know. Do you even know my favorite color?!
Girl: Your favorite color is [whatever it is; trust me, she’ll remember that shit.].
Say angrily: No, it’s not!
Girl: What? (She’ll be really confused, but now she can’t get mad at you for not remembering.) What’s your favorite color then?
Answer calmly: It’s brown.
(Your favorite color is now brown for the rest of your life. Just deal with it.)

Girl: When did we first start talking?
Say: It was exactly (make up some arbitrary high figure) fifty one billion, six hundred seventy-eight thousand, one hundred twenty-two, point one three six six eight seven zero three two five nanoseconds ago.
Girl: …….
Girl: I mean like what day?
Say: Sorry, it’s not my fault you can’t do the conversion.

Girl: When is my birthday?
(Create a distraction while you get on your computer and log onto Facebook)
Say: Oh, I know. You think I’m one of those guys who doesn’t remember important dates, right? You think just because I have a penis, I’m biologically destined to be a forgetful jerk – the prototypical bumbling buffoon who scrambles around the day of someone’s birthday to get them a last minute gift. Let me tell you something, missy! I know your birthday. I know exactly when your birthday is. That’s right. That is sooooo right. And I’m going to tell it to you right now (You should be done getting to her profile page by now). It is May 27th, 1983. Ha!

Girl: How long did we talk the first time we talked on the phone?
Say: Do you even know how long we talked for the first time we talked on the phone?
Girl: Yeah!
Say firmly: I’ll bet dinner tomorrow night that you don’t know how long we talked for the first time we talked on the phone.
Girl: Okay! We talked for five hours!
(Now that you got her to tell you the answer)
Say: Wrong!
Girl: What?
Say: It was more like four hours and fifty-nine minutes.
(If she insists that she was closer to the actual time, check the phone records. You have a 50/50 chance now. Good luck!)

Girl: What was I wearing that day?
Say: All I remember is your nipples were really perky that day. I really can’t remember. Your nipples were jutting out there pretty good, like little love nodes. It was really distracting.
(A very believable answer. Perky nipples + guys = memory flies out the window)

Girl: What did I order for lunch that day?
Say: What did I order for lunch the week after that?
Girl: I asked you first.
Say: I asked you first.
Girl: No, I did.
Say: No, I did.
Girl: Are you copying me?
Say: Are you copying me?
Girl: Stop copying me.
Say: Stop copying me.
Girl: Ugh, I give up.
Say: I win!

Okay, that’s all I got. And if a girl asks you something really important that you really should remember (like when you first had sex), say your mom beat you with a frying pan when you were a little kid, and your dad threw you down the stairs, giving you a concussion, and you have serious memory issues. If you’re Asian like me, it’ll be totally believable.

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